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School [06 Jun 2015|07:43am]
Well, I tried to sign up for classes again. But they want to review my taxes and Fafsa elegibility AGAIN and are requesting documents that they already have.
TWO classes people! That's all I'm going for.
I was reviewed last year. I did the time-frame-appeal. I took two of my remaining 4 classes.
Don't they want free money? 2 classes to finish another degree and I don't think they want me to.

After Culinary school, I couldn't afford to pay the loan, so I defered it by going back to school. Apparently, there is a cap to the number of community college hours one can use. 150. I was at that limit when tey kicked me out with only four classes left to another degree. When that happens, One has to fill out a Time Frame Appeal which states that the student will only take classes directly required to fulfill a degree. This also, apparently, flags me for a financial review.
I have two classes left for a degree and they are being stupid with their requests for paperwork they should already have.
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Chef shows. [05 Jun 2015|12:37pm]
You know that it is really nice having chef shows, reality/competition/profile/makeover ones.
And there are schools for people that want to go for that dream and help with the learning.

The issue I have is that, that is fine for the person by themself that opens a single restaurant and has connections.
Most people though, have to get jobs with chains. Corporate manages properties have standardized recipies, methods and ingredient lists.
You don't get to "create" things. You don't get to go out and locally source ingredients. They bet on consistency and predictable sales and financial controls. You have to get OKs from multiple levels of managers and administrators that don't cook. They just don't understand.

Did you notice that those makeover shows ONLY help those restautrants where there is single ownership, aand where those people own the building? No chains, no managed properties, no corporate involvement. So if you want to be a chef and be "rescued", you can't be working for a name brand.

And the schools. These are businesses. They don't care what happens to you after they get their money from the grants and your loans. Debt is your problem. I find that an affront to the industry.
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Finally.... [14 Apr 2015|05:39pm]
With the temp agency, I have been moved around to a number of locations.

Usually, they all request me back. One main reason is that I have been practicing not talking back or arguing; just say Ok, I'll do it. And learn to have fun.
I've been temping at one specific place for the last three months.
They want to hire me, but have to have me work equivalent to 4 months full time so they don't have to pay a finder's fee.

On April 11th, I surpassed the hours and the resort can now hire me directly.
They Want to and I said Yes.
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Laptop upgrades [02 Apr 2015|08:18am]
My laptop is running slow and weird, so I have decided to see what i can do to upgrade it.

Apparently, the only upgrades laptops accept are: Wifi cards, hard drives, bluetooth, optical drives and Ram.,

My 220gb drive is almost full, so I bought a 1tb to replace it.
the trouble is that I don't own Win 7 system install discs. So how am I to get that done?

A Microsoft forum suggested making a system backup image onto an external drive, then open it onto the new drive when installed.
I can do that.

I'll be replacing the Wifi card next.

Oh, I replaced the graphics card in the desktop and I can now play Skyrim with out frame rate stuttering!!!
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Quote of the Day: [15 Mar 2015|04:04pm]

Quote of the day:
"It would be better for me… that multitudes of men should disagree with me rather than that I, being one, should be out of harmony with myself."
-- Socrates

Yep, I channel Socrates.

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Long work. [02 Feb 2015|06:42pm]
So last month, I worked three weeks at M Culinary. (Micheal's Catering) cooking massive quantities for the Barret-Jackson auto auction and the Waste Management Phoenix Open.
Eight days straight with one 15 hour day in one instance.
Then, on Saturday, I worked at the resort/hotel where the families of the Patriots players were staying.
The chef there offered me a two week temp job as a line cook.

Yesterday, I worked from 5am to midnight at the Superbowl. 4 of those hours were spent getting to and from the event.
14 paid hours and I got a recommendation from the chef.

I slept a lot today.

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Quote of the Day: [13 Jan 2015|07:43pm]

Quote of the Day:
Broke the deep lethargy within my head,
A heavy thunder, so that I upstarted.
Like a person who by force is wakened.

And round about I moved my rested eyes,
Uprisen erect, and steadfastly I gazed,
To recognize the place wherein I was.

True it is, that upon the verge I found me,
Of the abysmal valley dolorous,
That gathers thunder of infinite ululations.

Obscure, profound it was, and nebulous,
So that by fixing on its depths my sight
Nothing whatever I discerned therein.

Canto IV, Inferno; Dante.

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The best X-mas note: [27 Dec 2014|02:04pm]
Dear Josh,
This may be an odd message ir seem totally random. But I am laying here in bed going over my life. Kind of remebering life phases and certain times, things I did to survive and I got to the times where I was out on Mill Ave. on the weekends baging around on my dulcimar. And I got hit with a realization I hadnt fully realized until now. I was always so exposed and vulnerable out there by myslef ya know. Just playing... Basket full of dollars and you were always there. Usually. You or sometimes another person or two. But I recall you the strongest. And I just want to say thank you. In many ways you were kind of like a gaurdian angel. You walked me to my car often after the streets were empty. I was sitting here realizing that I never got robbed or mugged or raped or whatever and I could have. I never thought about it back then, but as I'm sitting here recalling all the crazy dangerous or vulnerable situations I have been in through my life, those dulcimar nights being some of them. And youwere one of the people who was always like this little presence there. Not that big thugs couldnt take us both if they wanted, but still. If it were 't for you an the couple random other that hung out those nights all night who knows, maybe I wouldve gotten more harrassed or whatever. So it just occured to me that I wanted to acknowlege that with you. Whether you intended your presence in that way or not, it was a blessing none the less and I have never said thank you or those times. For just being a supportive presence in my life then and throughout all these years. When I visited, when I had my first child. you've just been so supportive and present. It means so much to me and I thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.
I hope you are well and are enjoying your holidays and that life is being kind to you.
Thank you Josh. You are a wonderful person and I appreciate you. Much love,
Kara "

Kara Kay if you wanna look her up.
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Final and stuff [16 Dec 2014|06:54am]
I am ion my final Final today.
Business Communication.

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Very Merry Cookie time of Year! [07 Dec 2014|12:47pm]
It is that time of year again where i take requests for cookies.

Email meyour addy and what type of cookies you would like.
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Oh lovely. [22 Nov 2014|07:54am]
I am taking a Interpersonal Communications class. As you may guess, there is a lot of personal information involved in the completing of assignments.
I worry about it because revealing my behaviors and "inside" thoughts tends to freak people out. Not in a homicidal way, but more in a worried, concerned, overprotective way.

For example, hee is a comment from the instructor in response to my last journal entry:
"Josh, your journal characterizes a heterogeneous family dynamic. Would you like to be referred to a GateWay counselor to discuss your depression?"

Seriously? Yes I get depressed, but I have overcome most of it. And, I'm 45, very little can be done now.

SHEESH!! Humans!!

"Say, lets not bother preventing problems. Lets wait till they become a huge issue before we try anything."

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Today's Adventure: [14 Nov 2014|05:06pm]

I lost my wallet on the bus today. Again.

I walk up to starbucks to get a coffee and discover it gone.
The Baristas know me there and gave me the coffee for free.
I rush back to the bus station to report it missing and see if they can call the bus. The person at he window directs me to the supervisor on a van.
The supervisor gets on the phone but tells me to hop in her van so that we can chase down the bus.
What? OK!!!
An odd thing at the Tempe Transit station: some of the buses switch routes at that point.
As we near Mill ave to take a left, the 48 bus that goes straight pulls up and waves my wallet at her.

Crisis averted, got the wallet back, and the bus people are, indeed, awesome.
(they wouldn't accept a tip, so I went back to Starbucks and dropped the money I had on me to them for giving me a free coffee.)

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Quote of the day: [13 Nov 2014|06:35pm]

A strange note was left on an ASU student's car. I felt it worthy of a ....
Quote of the Day!
" O Hey, Your milk is not giving me the right kind of silkworm larva anymore, and I'd like my fucking money back! I've been watching you from a safe distance and gravity is a real thing ergo, see you Wednesday night. The end of Nights.
<3 Sandwich."


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Lost wallet [25 Oct 2014|02:54pm]
A week ago, I lost my wallet.
and am having a fine adventure replacing all the innards.
Debit card ✓
ID ✓
school ID ✓
deposit paycheck ✓
UI card ☐
SS card ☐
starbucks card

grocery store cards

The fun is that Without a bank card, I can't get money out of purchase things.
Two fortunate things happened.
1. I went to the bank to see if I could deposit a paycheck without id. I can, and after I entered my pin, he asked me if i wanted a one-time withdraw of $20 so that I could get a copy of my ID. I said, "YES!"
So I wen to the MDV and got a paper ID and the real one in the mail.
2. Fry's customer service cashes paychecks. So now I have money.

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Customer complaint [11 Oct 2014|03:08pm]

Dear people of Earth:

                I have been traveling the galaxy in search of fun and a relaxing vacation spot between my excursions as a warrior-diplomat from what you call the Messier 67 Star Cluster.

                I have observed your planet from our location for a while now and have decided to visit. You have greenery, oceans, small populations, abundant wildlife and an oxygen rich atmosphere that I require for my skin to breath. I also have found your intellectual discussions quite stimulating.

                The issue I am having is that by the time I have arrived and scanned the surface, I had to do that twice as I was sure I had gotten the wrong planet. I have been in cryogenic suspension the entire trip, so I though it may have just been hibernation sickness, but I compared images.

                First, half of your forests are gone. Where did they go? How are visitors supposed to eat? Second, your “small population” has grown exponentially and spread across the planet. Is there no place without footprints? Third, what happened to all of the wildlife? Now all I see are big bulky bovines crowded into the spaces where there should be forest. Forth, with this loss of forest and all the population, the oxygen has been severely depleted. Do you not want visitors? Finally, when I looked for the center of intellectual discussions, the area I had seen before was in shambles so I looked for others. This place, “Washington D.C.” has left me bewildered. There was no topics of importance that were not riddled with half truths and aggressive falsehoods. How do you operate like that? No problems can be solved with incorrect information. None.

                I must say that these inconsistencies will cause me to withdraw your planet from my list of acceptable vacation spots and with that, the loss of rewards that the ruling family I work for bestow on worthy planets. You have already seen what has happened with touch screens, lasers, and super colliders.

                If you would like to regain your standing, there has to be a 200 year, sustained effort on your part to fix these issues.

I look forward to your reply and progress.

Thank you,

Josh G.

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Work and injury. [27 Sep 2014|10:19am]

The stress at work just got too much, so I quit. I mean, I was doing the job of two people, so sorry if I get grumpy and talkative about it to customers.

You don't have your most stressed out person ALSO being the "face". That's just insane.

Well, the cut that I got while putting away my knife on thursday after quitting looks big. I didn't get a good look at it as I just wanted to wrap it and GTF out of there.
And I had a small (1cm) bump on my right arm. It turned into a bruise. That didn't worry me, But today, the bruise is 2 inches long, 1 1/2 wide and there is a definite bug bite mark at one of the elliptical points. It doesn't hurt though.
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Quote of the Day: [24 Sep 2014|04:12pm]
Quote of the day:
"I remain committed to my goal os saving humanity from itself, but my latest efforts are meeting with mixed results."
- from the journals of Ra's Al Ghul
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hip, work, penmanship, school [12 Sep 2014|04:06pm]
Not necessarily in that order.
I am in school again. taking those last four classes for that second degree.
Presently, Business Communications and Interpersonal Communications.
The instructor for the business one is old school and likes to have us write things on paper.
The odd thing I noticed about this is that these days, people don't write.
The guy next to me has a netbook out to take notes, but when the instructor told us to wite something down to hand it in, I had to give him paper and let him use my pen after I was done. I looked at his writing and noted that it looked like a 3rd grader's penmanship skills.
Do the kids these day really not hand write anymore? That's sad.

Work is making me sad. I generally like the place, but with my student loan coming in at $645 a month, getting a 2-week paycheck of $505 just isn't going to work. I need a position in the Back of the House, not face-to-face with customers making and cooking food. That's what I do. That pays at least $1200 take home a month. So I am now looking for other employment, if not just a second job.

for some reason one of my hips started hurting a lot. I let it go, assuming that it would go away like a lot of my pains do, but it's been two weeks now. I thought it may be a clot in there, but I've been taking fish oil daily for five months and that is a blood thinner. The pain is deep in the thigh, mostly near the hip socket. I'm now taking prescription Aleve (500mg) that I have leftover from a different issue. So far its doing pretty well, but not today.

And I have passed 4 months with Sam, so that is great news.
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Cheap textbooks [07 Aug 2014|08:19am]
Cheap textbooks:
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Time [31 Jul 2014|04:12pm]
I watched another show about "time", and whether or not time travel is possible.
This show had the new theories pondered by the latest scientific brains.

And the show postulated something that I've known for a long time: Time does not exist. 

Their theories are overly complicated, even their discussion about time not existing was overly complicated.

Time doesn't exist. People needed a way to synchronize events, so we invented an abstract concept of time to measure the relative speed of objects so that if i say, "I'll meet you on the corner at 3pm." we both now have the same reference in which to go by.

And that is why one cannot go back in time. Any more likely that being able to reverse every single particle in the universe.
Observing the past is easy, and traveling forward is east.

This also leads into why I don't think reality exists, but that takes a little more explanation.

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